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Software #1 - Video Spy Tool

Instantly spy on your competitor videos or the top videos for your keyword, 

get their meta data and download it for your own videos from one place.

Software #2 - Video Fetcher

Want to promote all the videos from your Youtube Channel? This software lets you fetch your videos and create backlinks to all of them instantly.

Software #3 - Link Builder Pro

Automatically get the right keyword suggestions for your videos and build backlinks to them on complete autopilot. 

Software #4 - Web Links Pro

Want to build backlinks to your website & rank it higher? This tool finds you the right keywords and automatically builds backlinks for your websites.

Software #5 - Video Indexer

Super fast indexing for your videos to faster, better rankings 

across Google and Youtube.

What TubeRankMachine PRO includes

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Software #6 - Tags Generator Pro

Gets you video tags & keywords from Google, Bing & Amazon 

for your Youtube Videos 





Bounce Rate Reducer Wordpress Plugin - $67

Bounce rate is one of the key factors in SEO and having a lower bounce rate will mean your sites start ranking higher automatically, no extra work. This plugin will reduce your site's bounce rate.


Youtube Videos Auto Poster Plugin - $67

Google loves videos. Thats why it owns the #1 video site in the world. Having mixed content, helps rank your sites higher. Also videos will increase your time spent by visitors on your site which is another huge factor for higher rankings. This plugin will do all this for your site automatically.

Software #7 - Daily Link Builder

This set & forget software will build backlinks in an almost natural way every single day for 30 days for your videos or websites. 

Software #8 - Mass Link Builder

Automatically builds backlinks to multiple videos and multiple websites 

all at the same time. You get 5000 backlinks with the PRO version included & after that it is 27 bucks each month for 5000 new backlinks - cancel anytime.

Software #9 - Backlink Reports

Instantly view your backlink details and grab all your 

backlink sources from one page. 

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